Temporary Placement Agreement

The undersigned (Client) agrees to pay North Shore Nannies of Illinois, Inc. (NSN) all applicable fees, as set forth in the agency's rate schedule, for the referral of temporary childcare providers (nannies). A valid credit card account number and expiration date must be on file in order for the agency to begin work on any job order. Placement fees are due and payable at the time a job order is filled. The placement fee on a cancelled single day job order is nonrefundable. Fees on multiple day job orders are refundable less a single day placement fee.

Services should only be contracted through NSN. Any arrangement made directly with a provider will be charged to the credit card on file at the applicable rate. NSN has invested substantial time and money in recruiting and screening temporary nannies. There shall be no attempt to employ nannies either directly or indirectly, as in referrals of nannies to other families, organizations or businesses, without the agency's knowledge. If Client discloses information about a referred nanny to a third party who, acting on that information employs the nanny, Client undertakes to pay NSN the referral fee that would have been payable for that nanny.

Temporary nannies are not employees of NSN. The agency is not responsible for the direction, supervision or compensation of any temporary nanny retained by the Client. Client agrees to release and hold harmless NSN employees and owners against all claims and damages, liabilities and expenses arising out of, or in any way connected with, the performance of an individual employed the Client through the introduction of NSN.

I have read the above policies. I understand, agree to and accept them.