For Parents - Permanent Search

What will nannies do? Nannies provide care in the children's own home. They are also responsible for domestic tasks related to the children (laundry, food prep, keeping toys clean and organized, keep children areas of the home safe and clean for this children's use.) In general, they should be competent to promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional health of the children in an effective working partnership with parents.

How do you find your nannies? We recruit widely in the Chicago metropolitan area using our on-line presence and help wanted advertising, relationships with college placement offices and professional development organizations. By far our best source of candidates is word of mouth. Over nearly 25 years in business, we've successfully placed hundreds of nannies and they return to us when searching for their next position. They are always happy to tell their nanny friends about the great experience they've had with our agency.

Why are your fees high? We have the most experienced candidates and maintain the highest recruiting standards in the Chicagoland area. At North Shore Nannies, we feel this is one of the most important investments a family can make and are confident in the quality of our screening process and services. Our substantial investment of time and effort to carefully match candidates with families represents considerable value-added. Families tell us we don't send the most candidates, we send the best. When it comes to choosing the right nanny for your family, we firmly believe quality outweighs quantity.

What makes you different from other agencies? North Shore Nannies has been in business for over 20 years. Our tried and true process yields a 95% success rate in the first year of placement, with many nannies staying with their families 3 -5 years. We value our long-term relationships and have a genuine interest in getting to know our families and nannies.

What's the difference between an agency and on line job site? On-line job sites are simply enhanced classified ads - which is why they are one of many sources we use to recruit. The information listed regarding experience, references and employment history is simply posted by job searchers and is not verified. A full-service agency, like North Shore Nannies, offers parents a streamlined, high-end experience beginning with a screening process developed through years of experience. Agency staff are available to talk you through the entire process. We can take all the time-consuming legwork out of the search for you and make sure the time you do invest is focused on making the best decision for your family.

How long will it take to find a nanny? In general, we recommend allowing four - six weeks for a search, though many are successfully concluded in less time. A number of factors can influence how long a specific search will take and we'll be able to appropriately set your expectations when we have the details of what you're looking for.

For Families - Hiring a Temporary Nanny

How far in advance should I request a nanny? We suggest calling about a week in advance in order to be sure we can fulfill your request, but we do fill many jobs with less notice. For service on a Saturday night, please call no later than Wednesday. For longer assignments that require a block of one nanny's time, it's best to give as much notice as possible.

Can I get the same nanny every time? We try to be as consistent as possible, but cannot guarantee the same nanny each time you call. Your schedule and a particular nanny's availability will not always match. Our recommendation is that your family get to know a few nannies that you are comfortable with. Among a small group of preferred nannies, we are usually able to be quite consistent.

Can I meet the nanny ahead of time? Since temp nannies work by the hour, they are not available to interview for every short-term assignment. You will have the opportunity to talk with them when they call to confirm and we recommend scheduling a some extra time into the first assignment. This way you'll have time to get to know them a little and orient them to things in your home before you leave.

What is your cancellation policy? Once a job is filled, the placement fee is charged and is not refundable. For multi-day assignments, the fee is refundable less $30.

Do you provide emergency or back-up care? This is not a service we offer. Our nannies tend to be fully booked ahead of time and our office is not staffed beyond normal business hours to handle this type of request.

What if my child is home sick from school or daycare? We do not provide sick childcare. The risk of a nanny becoming ill and/or spreading illness to others is too great.

Can I ask a temporary nanny to drive my children to school or activities? Yes, if the driving is local and your family vehicle is available for their use. Please let us know ahead of time if driving will be part of the assignment.

Is tipping expected? Tipping is entirely at your discretion but certainly appropriate in recognition of a job well done. If you like a nanny and want to have her back, we recommend showing your appreciation.

For Nannies

Why should I use North Shore Nannies to find my next position? We've been matching nannies and families in Chicago for many years. Placing nannies is our sole focus, so if you are selected for representation by our agency, you can count on us. Our professional guidance will help put you in the best position to successfully conclude your job search.

How long does the screening process take? If you are well prepared, i.e. references are expecting to hear from us and you've provided complete information on your application, it can take just a few days following the agency personal interview.

How long will it take me to find a position? This will depend on what you're looking for and how specific your search is. It's our job to find you families who come closest to your desired position while exposing you to as many opportunities as possible. No matter what, we'll be an active participant in your job search, helping you present your qualifications and experience in the best possible manner, providing tips and coaching for personal interviews and negotiating appropriate compensation.

How does North Shore Nannies find its clients? Most of our families are either returning clients or were referred to us by word of mouth. Many of the positions we fill are listed exclusively with our agency. All clients we work with are pre-qualified to ensure that they are prepared to treat a nanny professionally. North Shore Nannies does not accept job orders unless the family is prepared to offer a competitive, professional compensation package.

Is there a fee for me to go through your agency? Absolutely not! All of our fees are paid by the client families. Professional nannies meeting our qualifications do not need to pay to get a job.