Hire a Temporary Nanny

North Shore Nannies offers as-needed coverage from a minimum of 4 hours to as long as several months. Families in need of temporary care can arrange it with just a quick phone call or email. You can be confident that a well-screened nanny will provide excellent, professional care in your absence.

Temporary nannies complete the same rigorous screening process as candidates we represent for permanent placement. In addition, they must display a proven ability to work successfully in a wide variety of childcare situations.

It's simple to get started. Here’s how:

Just give us a call for a complete introduction to our service. We'll need about 10 minutes of your time to get some basic information and start to get to know your family. You will also need to review and submit the agency's temporary client agreement, which can be found here: Temporary Placement Agreement

Once your family is registered with the agency, you can call or email us whenever you have a specific need. As soon as we've got the details, we'll match your needs with available nannies and confirm the placement by email.

When a temporary nanny from our agency comes to your home, you can expect the assigned nanny will:

  • Put health and safety first.
  • Be experienced with your children’s age group.
  • Be fully engaged while your children are in her care.
  • Help your children feel secure while you’re away.

We look forward to helping you with your temporary childcare needs. If you have questions about how we handle temporary assignments or would like to know more about how the service works, please give us a call!